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How Kay's works

Australian second hand book shop SEARCHING THIS SITE

You can search all our categories, using the search box in the top right corner of every page

The search is extensive and will include the list of contents in every songbook or collection book

VERY IMPORTANT: Use quotes ("  ") around a title, name or search phrase

Try to enter specific names, titles or keywords only. Generic terms such as "sheet music" or "looking for" or "for sale" will return unreliable results. If you are unsure of the correct title, just enter a few key words and see what pops up. For instance, if you are looking for the sheet music to 'Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me' you could try entering just some key words from this title without quotes e.g. sit apple tree anyone else

However, do remember to use the quotes when searching for a specific name, title or phrase. You think this is silly? Google works in exactly the same way. Ever wondered why your Google results number in the millions, with none seeming to be the slightest bit relevant to your search? If you do not use quotes when searching, Google searches for every word you have entered into the search box and presents to you every web page which contains all those words but not necessarily in the order you want them. Using quotes targets your search

If you wish to browse one particular category, click on 'Music Catalogues' or 'Book Catalogues' in our header to select your area of interest. Items in each catalogue are usually (but not always) listed in alphabetical order by title. Simply scroll down to browse

Australian second hand bookshop SHIPPING

The shipping cost for each individual item is shown in a link entitled 'Shipping cost for this item' located immediately after the product number and price of each item. For orders of multiple items, shipping will be calculated individually by us, and will be advised to you to obtain your consent. However, some items are offered with free shipping within Australia - if so, this will be stated in the item's description

Our shopping cart is not interactive with any payment gateway, and does not charge your credit card. It merely collects your details, including your credit card numbers, and stores them very securely for us to access later if you approve the final cost including shipping (see below)


The shipping cost is not shown in the shopping cart, because we have not yet found a shopping cart program which does not overcharge the buyer when an order contains multiple items of different weights and volumes

Unfortunately, shipping costs vary widely depending upon location of the buyer, weight and volume, so shipping for every order is individually calculated after we receive the order. We are sorry for this inconvenience to potential buyers, but please remember that if you place an order, you do not pay for the item at that time, and you can cancel the order later if the shipping cost is not acceptable to you. And you can always email us before ordering to enquire, but please remember to state your location and the items you are interested in. We do not retain email addresses unless you ask us to do so

It is our policy to always obtain the customer's consent to shipping costs prior to completing orders. Your order will be cancelled by us if we are not able to contact you to obtain your consent to the total cost, and all credit card details, if provided, will be immediately shredded. So please take care when entering your contact details

In some instances, items are offered for sale with free shipping within Australia. This will be stated in the description of the item. In that case, if you are located within Australia, the item will be immediately shipped to you for the price advertised; we will not seek your consent to go ahead. For overseas orders, shipping on these items will generally be less than usual

Our response to orders varies depending upon the stated preferred payment option. For bank deposit, we will email the buyer with the shipping cost and our bank details; for Visa or Mastercard, the email will state the shipping cost and ask for consent to manually debit the card for the total; for PayPal, the response is a PayPal invoice for the total with the shipping cost included in the details; and Brisbane buyers have the option of personally picking up their items thus saving the shipping cost

Australian second hand music shop PHOTOCOPYING

We do not provide downloadable sheet music nor do we photocopy, fax or email sheet music, as we do not hold any licences from copyright owners to do so. Please do not ask us to photocopy, fax or email music to you, as our refusal may offend you

Limited scans will be made available on request to ensure correct identification of an item

Australian used music shop REFUNDS

We will refund all monies in full plus the cost of surface shipping back to us if the items supplied are not as described or are found to be damaged. Please contact us first to discuss the issue

All items are shipped with some kind of identification: either registration, tracking or insurance. If you become concerned over a delay in delivery, please contact us. Generally, a refund for non-delivery will be forthcoming after a period of investigation

Kay's Books & Music Australia PRIVACY

All personal information given to us in any manner will be kept confidential and will not be divulged to any third party

Under no circumstances do we store credit card details once an order has been completed or cancelled. All credit card details are immediately shredded

Kay's Secondhand Books & Sheet Music Australia AUSTRALIAN GOODS & SERVICES TAX (GST)

We do not add Australian Goods & Services Tax (GST) to our prices, as our annual business turnover is below the threshold which requires registration for GST


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