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Welcome to Australia's only on-line second hand sheet music shop. We specialise in used and out of print music scores and songbooks in all genres. We also offer a selection of used non-fiction books

Keyboard categories include piano, organ, electronic keyboard, harpsichord and virginal. There are complete brass, string, wind, piano trio and mixed instrument ensemble arrangements as well as full orchestral and dance band scores. Music and method books for just about every instrument, keyboard, string, wind, brass, percussion. On the string shelves are guitar, banjo, dulcimer, ukulele, violin, violoncello, viola, fiddle, mandolin. Vocal genres abound, including Australian, popular, contemporary, vintage, film and stage, folk, lieder, choral, gospel, World Wars One and Two. Song books of every description, including fake books and buskers books. And there is still much more

Step into our shop for an enjoyable stroll down memory lane and find musical treasures you thought you would never see again

Our book categories cover a range of non-fiction subjects, from Art to Warfare. Botanical, Gardening and Agricultural books are well represented. From time to time there may be some fiction which for some reason is out of the ordinary, for instance, illustrated or boxed editions, signed by authors, or the content is unusual. Take a peek at our bookshelves

Apologies to those who would like to visit us, as we do not have a bricks-and-mortar shop. However, local buyers can arrange to pick up their purchases by arrangement

Hint: When searching our catalogues, try to enter specific names, titles or keywords only. If you are unsure of the correct title, just enter a few key words and see what pops up. For instance, If you are looking for the sheet music to 'Don't Sit Under The Apple Tree With Anyone Else But Me' you could try entering just some key words from this title without quotes: e.g. sit apple tree anyone else. Please do not enter terms such as 'looking for' and 'for sale'

Generally, all our catalogues are live and up to date, being last updated on 13 June 2019

We endeavour to update our catalogues frequently, but occasionally a listed item may be unavailable if it has recently been sold


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