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Used and out of print books on Biology and Evolution
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Charles Darwin's Letters A Selection 1825-1859 edited Frederick Burkhardt ISBN 0521562120 for sale Charles Darwin's Letters: A Selection 1825 - 1859 -edited by- Frederick Burkhardt. ISBN 0521562120. Foreword -by- Stephen Jay Gould. Science. Evolution. Evolutionary Biology. These letters offer a fascinating window into Charles Darwin's daily experience, scientific observations, personal concerns and friendships; provides a unique glimpse of Darwin as both naturalist and family man. (Cambridge University Press. First Edition. 1996) Used hardcover book in dust jacket. 249 pages. In fine condition.
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Cladistics A Practical Course In Systematics The Systematics Association Publication No.10 P 
L Forey et al. ISBN 0198577664 for sale Cladistics A Practical Course In Systematics (The Systematics Association Publication No. 10) -by- P L Forey et al. ISBN 0198577664. Systematics underpins all of biology; cladistics is a method of systematic classification that has become a method of choice for comparative studies in all fields of biology; in cladistics, the genealogies that are reconstructed are based on common ancestry rather than on overall similarity. (reprint, 1994, Clarendon Press, Oxford) Used book. Softcover book. 191 pages. in AS NEW condition.
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