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Songs Of Two Savoyards -words by- W S Gilbert -music by- Arthur Sullivan. Used sheet music book for piano with full lyrics for single voice; all numbers which in their original form were choruses or concerted pieces, have been arranged for a single voice and the accompaniments adapted accordingly (with the approval of the composer) -by- C King Hall. Illustrated with delightful line drawings -by- W S Gilbert. (Routledge and Kegan Paul Limited. London. 1948) Used hardcover book in poor torn dust jacket. 267 pages. Book itself is very good. Foxing on edges of pages. Name on front free endpaper. Wight 1.3 kilograms.
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The Darned Mounseer (Ruddigore)
The Englishman (H M S Pinafore)
The Disagreeable Man (Princess Ida)
The Coming Bye-and-Bye (Patience)
The Highly Respectable Gondolier (Gondoliers)
The Fairy Queen's Song (Iolanthe)
Is Life a Boon? (Yeomen of the Guard)
The Modern Major-General (Pirates of Penzance)
The Heavy Dragoon (Patience)
Proper Pride (Mikado)
The Policeman's Lot (Pirates of Penzance)
The Baffled Grumbler (Princess Ida)
The House of Peers (Iolanthe)
A Merry Madrigal (Mikado)
The Duke and the Duchess (Gondoliers)
Eheu Fugaces! (Sorcerer)
They'll None of Them be Missed (Mikado)
Girl Graduates (Princess Ida)
Braid the Raven Hair (Mikado)
The Working Monarch (Gondoliers)
The Ape and the Lady (Princess Ida)
Only Roses! (Ruddigore)
The Rover's Apology (Trial by Jury)
An Appeal (Pirates of Penzance)
The Magnet and the Churn (Patience)
The Family Pool (Yeomen of the Guard)
Sans Souci (Patience)
A Recipe (Gondoliers)
The Merryman and his Maid (Yeomen of the Guard)
The Lord Chancellor's Song (Iolanthe)
When a Merry Maiden Marries (Gondoliers)
A British Tar (H M S Pinafore)
A Man who would Woo a Fair Maid (Yeomen of the Guard)
The Sorcerer's Song (Sorcerer)
The Fickle Breeze (Pirates of Penzance)
The First Lord's Song (H M S Pinafore)
Would You Know? (Princess Ida)
Speculation (Mikado)
Ah, Me! (Yeomen of the Guard)
The Duke of Plaza-Toro (Gondoliers)
The Aesthete (Patience)
Said I to Myself (Iolanthe)
Sorry Her Lot (H M S Pinafore)
The Contemplative Sentry (Iolanthe)
The Philosophic Pill (Yeomen of the Guard)
Blue Blood (Iolanthe)
The Judge's Song (Trial by Jury)
When I first put this Uniform on (Patience)
Solatium (Trial by Jury)
A Nightmare (Iolanthe)
Don't Forget! (Gondoliers)
The Suicide's Grave (Mikado)
He and She (Ruddigore)
The Mighty Must (Princess Ida)
A Mirage (Yeomen of the Guard)
The Ghost's High Noon (Ruddigore)
The Humane Mikado (Mikado)
Willow Waly! (Patience)
Life is Lovely all the Year (Ruddigore)
The Usher's Charge (Trial by Jury)
The Great Oak Tree (Ruddigore)
King Goodheart (Gondoliers)
The Lovesick Boy (Trial by Jury)
He Loves! (Iolanthe)
True Diffidence (Ruddigore)
The Tangled Skein (Gondoliers)


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