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The Joan Baez Songbook 1971 used piano song book for sale, The Joan Baez Song Book 1971 used piano songbook for sale The Joan Baez Songbook 1971. Arrangements and introduction -by- Elie Seigmeister. Illustrated in colour -by- Eric Von Schmidt. Edited -by- Maynard Solomon. Used song book of Joan Baez songs for piano with chord names and words. Includes historical musical annotations and complete chord progressions for the guitarist and capo-key indications enabling the beginning instrumentalist to play along with the Joan Baez recordings. 189 pages. Library of Congress Catalog Card No. 64-24388. (Ryerson Music Publishers Inc. New York. 14th printing. March 1971) Covers are grubby, creased and worn on edges and corners. Rust marks at top of a few pages from a paperclip. Else pages are very good. List of songs: Wagoner's Lad; Man of Constant Sorrow; Lady Mary; The Water is Wide; Black is the Color (Black is the Colour); Once I Had a Sweetheart; I Will Never Marry; East Virginia; I Once Loved a Boy; Queen of Hearts; Fare Thee Well; Come All Ye Fair and Tender Maidens; Geordie; Henry Martin; Mary Hamilton; Silkie; Barbara Allen; The Unquiet Grave; The Cherry Tree Carol; Lady Gay; House Carpenter; Matty Groves; Once I Knew a Pretty Girl; Silver Dagger; The Trees They Do Grow High; Jackaroe; Stewball; Rake and Rambling Boy; Fennario; John Riley; Willie Moore; Railroad Boy; The Lily of the West; Banks of the Ohio; Rambler Gambler; House of the Rising Sun; Ranger's Command; Long Black Veil; Railroad Bill; Pretty Boy Floyd; Copper Kettle; Wildwood Flower; Lonesome Road; Old Blue; All My Trials; Kumbaya; Hallowed Be Thy Name; Twelve Gates to the City; Virgin Mary; We Are Crossing Jordan River; Somebody Got Lost in a Storm; We Shall Overcome; Hush Little Baby; Battle Hymn of the Republic; Amazing Grace; Portland Town; Danger Waters; Where Have All The Flowers Gone; The Tramp on the Street; Three Fishers; Donna Donna; What Have They Done to the Rain?; Annabel Lee; Baby I'm Gonna Leave You; Last Night I Had The Strangest Dream; Plaisir d'Amour; The Joan Baez recordings; Index of titles; Index of first lines.
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