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South Australian Real Book for sale, original Australian jazz compositions, 
Australian jazz music for sale, used Australian sheet music for sale South Australian Real Book. Original Jazz compositions by South Australian composers -edited by- Bruce T Hancock. Used Australian music book. Australian composers. Most pieces are in treble clef only with chord names. A few pieces are in treble and bass clef. No lyrics. Spiral-bound softcover book. 95 pages. (Jazz Co-ordination of South Australia, Adelaide, 1999) Covers are worn on edges. Pages are very good. Contents are: Composer profiles. Compositions: Afternoon (Bob Jeffery); Billabong (Dave Dallwitz); Blue Dancer (Don Bond); Blue Hue (Ted Nettelbeck); Blues fr Daddy (Adam Lutley); Blues for Her (John Aue); Blues Three (Bruce Hancock); Blues Three by Two (Eric Bryce); Bonaira (Mark Ferguson); Canary Yellow Fellow (Ted Nettelbeck); Cedar (David McEvoy); Chris/Tina (Bruce Hancock); Cobradah (Don Bond); The Crystal Sea (Mark Ferguson); Dooverlackie (John McDermott); Easy Smile (Bruce Hancock); Errol's Theme (Eric Bryce); First Waltz (Mark Ferguson); Forget It (Dave Dallwitz); Four Blues (Bruce Hancock); Fourteen Days (Ben Hughes); Hail Bop (John McDermott); The Harry Song (Ted Nettelbeck); I Wish I'd Sent You a Valentine (Ted Nettelbeck); Jadey Bird (Dusty Cox); Janan (Dave Wee); Jazz Nocturne (Eric Bryce); Jonquil (David Dallwitz); The Last Word (David McEvoy); Lunar (David McEvoy); Lydia (Bryce Rohde); The Magpie (Ted Nettelbeck); Millstream (Bryce Rohde); Curray Cod (Dave Dallwitz); Nocturne for Anna (Dave Dallwitz); Now That You're Gone (Dusty Cox); The Old Cities (Mark Ferguson); One Man's Day (Ted Nettelbeck); Passage of Time (Ted Nettelbeck); Peace, Good Tickle Brain (Mark Ferguson); The Rose and the Spoon (Julian Ferraretto); Sadman (Ted Nettelbeck); Sketch (David Mc Evoy); Sort of Blue (John Aue); Southern Wind (Ritsuko Dalton); That Happy Thought (Mark Ferguson); Tina (Bruce Hancock); Top Floor Windows (Ted Nettelbeck); Waiting for D (Mark Ferguson); Windows of Arquez (Bryce Rohde); Winter Samba (Bob Jeffery); Woolloomooloo (Bryce Rohde).
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